3400 MHz EME
located 51 14'53.1N 1 34'15.6W Maidenhead Locator IO91FF

To date ( Aug 2018 ) I have contacted 30 stations in 11 DXCC countries using 3400 MHz EME

The 3.7m Antenna had been used in the development of satellite TV systems.

The Focus Box was fitted and first echoes heard on August 5th 2005 with the help of G8ACE and SM7/M0FWZ For 3400 MHz the transverter, Power Amplifier, Pre amplifier and feed are mounted at the Focus on a trolley with a linear actuator to adjust focus. This replaces the focus box A "flip lid" bin cut in half provides some weather protection for the transverter

Listen to Echoes from the moon on 3400MHz

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Spectran image of Echoes on 3400 MHz
Spectran Image of Echoes on 3400 MHz 5th August 2005
Listen to W5LUA during my first 9cm QSO on 8th August 2005
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After working W5LUA and LX1DB using a linear polarised VE4MA type feed experiments were conducted with a septum feed to provide circular polarisation.

Before fitting the choke ring sun noise was down to 10dB compared to the 13dB from the VE4MA linear feed. The dish f/D is 0.43. With the choke ring fitted but without spending any time optimising it Sun noise was 11.5dB down by about 1.5dB compared to the VE4MA feed, there was no noticable reduction in the strength of the echoes. See spectran image below.

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