5.7 GHz EME
located 51 14'53.1N 1 34'15.6W Maidenhead Locator IO91FF

Updated 17th August 2009 following the 5.7GHz Activity weekend.

The 5.7GHz transverter, power supply and septum feed are mounted near the focus on a trolley. The trolley can be moved in and out for precise focus by remote control The 5.7GHz Transverter this time with VE4MA linear feed. The tin plate box contains the Pre Amplifier

Echoes using circular polarisation Echoes using linear polarisation

The CP echoes are noticeably narrower (less spectral spreading) than the linear echoes. As can be seen the CP echoes also appear weaker than the linear ones. Some but probably not all of the difference in strength may be due to the lower efficiency of the CP feed. So more work to do there !

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