Amateur Radio Aatronomy
located 51 14'53.1N 1 34'15.6W

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The signal is coming from a VHF transmitter at a distance of about 1400Km which is far beyond the normal Radio Horizon. As the meteors burn up they leave trails of ionised material that briefly reflect the radio signals. Sometimes the Pitch of the received signal changes due to Doppler shift as the centre of reflection moves rapidly across the sky.

To listen to VHF Radio signals reflected from the Aurora Click Here
Again this signal is from far beyond the normal Radio Horizon, coming from DL1EAP in Germany. Also,it has arrived at G4NNS from the North having been reflected from the Aurora. The rough note of this CW (Morse) signal is due to the loss of coherency caused by reflection from the auroral curtain which does not behave like a reflector with a plane surface. Reflections from different parts of the “curtain” reach the receiver at slightly different times.

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